Jquery Charts

My jQuery plugins were created either as experiments or to fulfil some need that I had on a project. I made the plugins available for free on this website - and you can still get them all here now.

I no longer actively support the jQuery plugins for the following reasons...

  • Many of the features can now be achieved without JavaScript using new features of HTML and CSS
  • Some of the features probably shouldn't even have been used, they were just experiments!
  • Not everyone wants to use jQuery - I will create stand alone plugins for the popular stuff that don't enforce any particular framework

Jquery ChartsQuick Links

Want a constant footer without having to include a framework or library - I have a stand alone Charts plugin listed on my JavaScript page!

You can view a demo and grab the code (view source) at...

Charts Demonstration.


The jQuery Charts project is a plugin for the jQuery JavaScript Framework, which converts an HTML table into an HTML and CSS based chart or graph.



The plugin relies on a nicely formatted HTML table, such as this:

<table id="example">
    <caption>Dog Breed Popularity (Made Up Numbers)</caption>

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